Our Client Transformations


Sandy - Fuel PT Client Body Transformation


I have this work horse of a client who just trains and trains. Every day she is in the gym doing her thing. One of the most consistent clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

One thing I could never understand was where she was getting her energy from to do everything that she does. Work, train, mum duties. All while eating bugger all and what she was eating was ok just not the greatest fuel she could put into her body considering all that she does.

I said to her one day… Sandy you do all this training and you are bound to have some great muscle under there why don’t I put u in the Bod Pod and get some stats and put you on a proper eating plan just to see how you go. You are going to have to eat a lot more food then you are now though!!

So we did. Finally she eats way more foods now. Can lift the crap out of anything!! This girl is super strong. Has heaps more energy. Drop a heap of body fat. Not so much on the scales but heaps of body fat. And most importantly she loves what she sees and feels amazing.

Moral of the story is….. You can train your ass off all you want but if u aren’t eating the correct amount of fuel for what your body needs then do not expect results to happen. Eating less is not always the best.


Tanya - Fuel PT Body Transformation


This is no before or after. No numbers being obsessed over. No mention of body fat or even clothes fitting better. Although all of these things have been achieved. They have not been the focus at all. Not once.

This is about mental health.

Being able to get out of bed…. like want to get out of bed.

Smiling like you mean it. Not because you have to.

Feeling healthy mentally and physically from the inside out.

Feeling just damn good…… and not from any other reason but because you got moving and changed your way of eating.

This is Tanya….. watching this lady change has been incredible. Because it’s not about her body… it’s about her mental Health. Her whole being has changed. She is a different person from when we started.

This lady has the biggest spring in her step now. Goes to the gym on her own. Takes herself on some cardio adventures.

All because she took the best anti-depressant there is – she changed her way of eating and started moving a hell of a lot more.


Rachel Bond - Fuel PT Body Transformation


The first bikini Rachel ever wore was on public stage. She lost 50kg!

Rachel Bond and I work very well together, I know what buttons to push and Rachel knows when she needs to up her game. This lady is by far the hardest working competitor I know.

She even impressed Oxygen Magazine, so much so, that they published an article about her.