Personal Training

What does Personal Training with Fuel PT involve?

Personal training is an awesome, effective service that can suit people at any stage on their fitness journey.

A personal fitness trainer or gym trainer will meet with you and ask you quite a few questions and take some basic fitness and health level assessments.

Your trainer will want to know:

  • the personal and professional goals you want to see from fitness training
  • what you have tried in the past that worked, and what didn’t
  • all about your lifestyle and what kind of fitness plan you can commit to
  • any health concerns or other challenges that you face
  • what sort of things excite, inspire and motivate you.

Some of the assessments your personal trainer will take to get started may include:

  • your height and weight to get your BMI
  • resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • BioSignature assessment
  • Basic fitness, flexibility and strength levels
Trainer and Trainee on indoor gym equipment
Trainer and trainee exercising using gym equipment

Is personal training right for me?

If you are reading this, then you probably already know two things:

  1. You think your personal health and fitness is worth focusing on
  2. You might need some guidance to make this happen and see permanent results

If you agree with both of these statements, then personal training is right for you!

If you want to see change and are willing to put in the effort and commitment to achieve that, this basic desire is all you need. We can bring all of the rest to the party including:

  • Helping you to define your goals
  • Setting a fitness program
  • Developing a diet and weight loss plan
  • Helping you to aim for the future and believe in yourself
  • Giving you the motivation to keep going whenever you need
  • Celebrating those awesome achievements when you reach them
  • Changing up your plan whenever it needs reworking

What sort of activities might a personal trainer recommend?

The very core of personal training is the development of a plan that is PERSONAL to you. Your PT trainer will work with you to create this and then guide you to see it happen. They might also reassess and change things up a bit if something doesn’t appear to be working for you.

Your personal training, fitness and diet plan is a fluid program, and can always be adjusted to offer you the best possible long-term results.

Some of the activities that your PT trainer might recommend for you include:

  • group fitness training or exercise classes
  • joining a fitness centre and undertaking a regular gym workout
  • working out on your own or in the outdoors if that seems more suited to you
  • exercises or cardio training you can do at home or fit around your family
  • 1:1 strength training exercises with a PT
  • a personalised diet and weight loss plan guided by your trainer
Male trainer and female trainer

Start training with Fuel PT today!