Tailored Women’s Fitness Programs

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At Fuel PT we have a special affinity for women’s fitness. We know what challenges women face in terms of health and wellness, as well as in their hectic lives. Women may struggle to see long term results from a diet or exercise program for any number of reasons, including:

  • Having no time between work, managing a home and looking after a family
  • Difficulty prioritising yourself above other people’s needs
  • The annoying regular female health and hormonal challenges that like to attack our motivation levels
  • Lower levels of necessary vitamins and minerals such as iron that we need to give us energy
  • Lack of sleep
  • Having a billion other things to think about and juggle

Personal training through Fuel PT can help you overcome all of these barriers to create a healthier, happier YOU.

Personal Training Packages


Women’s fitness is an entire spectrum of health, diet, and exercise options that holistically work together to improve your well-being. Your program is created from a position of understanding the specific physical needs of women’s bodies, as well the differing effects of women’s lifestyles and the stage of life that they are at.

This includes:

  • A personal trainer for weight loss
  • Assistance to recover and build back strength after a significant health concern or life event
  • Help to get ready for a wedding, or to start trying for a baby
  • Assessment of their triggers for falling off any exercise or diet plan
  • Personal coaching and motivation that is not ‘cookie-cutter’ but will actually get them going
  • Referral to other health and wellness specialists as needed
  • Improve self-belief and body appreciation

Personal training with an experienced women’s fitness trainer can help with all of this and more!

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